but i can surf with IPv6 when i connect my pc directly to the ont. This £250 bit of kit is pretty useless when it cannot connect to Native IPV6 because ASUS has not not updated the firmware (last update Dec 2018) to allow IPV6 connections with a /56 LAN prefix instead of standard /64 prefix. Re: ASUS RT-N66U router and ipv6 The only way I could enter the bit prefix was if I selected stateful. The other options are `Tunnel 6to4`, 'Tunnel 6in4', 'Tunnel 6RD' and 'Static IPv6'. ASUSWRT supports “IPv6 ... the default website of ASUS router’s setting page is http:router.asus.com.

The AT&T gateway is bypassed and IPv6 Native was working on my Asus … My ISP supports IPv6 fine. I have a router that has IPv6 However IT was default set as Disable. Forum discussion: I got an Asus TM-AC1900 router and flashed it over to an Asus RT-AC68U. ASUS how many millions of people do you think use modem routers in the UK with BT or their sub-sellers like PlusNet?

(I know what the third option PPPoE is). ASUSWRT supports “IPv6 ... the default website of ASUS router’s setting page is http:router.asus.com.
The ASUS routers were able to obtain IPv6 addresses regardless if I configured its firmware to use Native IPv6 or Tunneled 6rd modes but sometimes I would have to reboot the router for it to do so.

- When I use IPv6 pass-through, will the IPv6 firewall still be active? Currently I have it set to `Native with DNCP-PD.' The steps of setting IPv6 are as follows: ... [PPPoE], please select IPv6 Connection type set [Native] WAN >Internet Connection> WAN Connection Type set [Automatic IP], please select IPv6 …

If I didn't do that there were no other settings other than native and when I rebooted addresses appeared to have stayed ipv4! As a 2nd working option using IPv6 Pass-Through it also seems to solve the issue. Asus's router docs on IPv6 are next to useless. 2. pls help me check if starhub supports "Native DHCPv6".

THEY provides the following options Disable Native Statics IPv6 Passthrough FLET'S IPv6 Service Tunnel 6to4 Tunnel 6in4 Tunnel 6rd. I assume the current setting is correct because I have IP4 devices on the network as well. i have tried all sorts of configuration on the router, but still i cannot surf with it.

I have this router; Asus RT-N66U and it doesn't work when IPv6 turned on. Please reply this ASAP, Thanks Asus RT-N66U on IPv6 Hi. In this context: - What is the difference between IPv6 pass-through and 'automatic'. 2.