The syntax is much easier than icacls: Grant-Permission -Path C:\Users\User\Test -Identity 'User_Group' -Permission Read,Write by lasty12 at 2013-01-21 12:38:30. It uses .NET APIs to set permissions on the file system, registry, and private keys. Okay, so what do I do now? Try Grant-Permission from my Carbon module. It would therefore think that the path was C:\Program and files was a parameter. usuwania i zapisu DAC dla danego pliku. I upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate this past Sunday (24 Jan 2010). I am trying to apply all "users" of a machine modify permissions to an entire directory using the following script, but the permissions only appear to apply to the files within: [code2=powershell]icacls "c:\program files\folder" /T /C /grant users] Thus, the process of ACLs transferring from one folder to another becomes much easier. C:\Windows\system32> cacls "C:\Users\Public\Public Desktop" /t /g everyone:f. Are you sure (Y/N)?y. icacls plik /grant Administrator:(D,WDAC) - spowoduje udzielenie użytkownikowi Administrator uprawnień do. In case it matters, I started with Windows Vista on an HP dv9408nr. Use iCACLS to Grant Permissions or Change the Access Lists for the Folder. Access is denied. Hi all. With the icacls command, you can change the access lists for the folder. For example, you want to grant the user John the permissions to edit the contents of the folder C:\PS. … This workflow fork is not part of the instructions. Sounds like you need to put the path in quotes "C:\Program Files(x86)\whatever\nested level you\want" as there is a space between the word 'Program' and the word 'Files'. It’s best to do this within the foreach loop and not at the root, as taking ownership will remove the user’s access to the folder (at least it did in my situation, where the user’s ownership of the folder was the only privilege, when I changed the ownership to the admin user the user was stripped of all rights). icacls plik /grant *S-1-1-0:(D,WDAC) - spowoduje udzielenie użytkownikowi zdefiniowanemu przez. - Paul Schrum