reconnects after a reboot or logout. comspec with net use not working? Appears to sand boxed more to me. Y: dir and all the files are displayed. heres the line that should accomplish that. Seen some thread with net use and administrator issues with Windows 10. Using Persistent Drive Mapping Settings. my prefered way would be a temporary network folder that will remove itself before start up. Some Programs Cannot Access Network Locations When UAC Is Enabled - posted in Ask for Help: Im trying to set some computers to update a file before shut down and leave it for another machine to check. echo "
$entry"; echo ""; During some problems with the printer I was able to use net use (like above) to map a network A3 laser to LPT1 and spent more time figuring out a way around our group auth we have on them (gave up and disabled it for the print). When I look in File Explore I don't see a Y: drive. For this reason it is usual to use letters high up in the alphabet to avoid any machines with multiple drives, plus CD-ROM drives and other devices that assign a letter. Bij het opstarten van de pc wordt middels het net use commando, zoals de TS aangeeft, de printer aan de lpt2 gekoppeld. Why does this not show up in File Explorer? net use * \\\c$ Drive Y: is now connected to \\\c$. Also has been some threads with members of the local admins being treated as the built in admin so restricted, so this appears more locked down in 10 imho. However, in the command window I can change directories using these commands. Als laatste het programma instellen om naar de lpt2 poort te printen. When you use the "net use" command, you have the option of making it persistent - i.e.