I’m diving deeper into this object, to go past what I usually use this object for, which is opening, copying or renaming files. -3- "fl.Move" n'existe pas, MoveFile ou MoveFolder (ça aussi c'est dans l'aide). If you want to use VB.NET, I suggest that you do it "the .NET way" instead of relying on old COM libraries: Have a look at the System.IO.Directory.GetFiles method.. That being said, let me answer your question: The objects you seek are in the Scripting namespace, so the following should fix your issue:. The code is heavily commented to aid in the understanding of what the code is doing.
Private Sub Timer1_Timer() Dim FSO As FileSystemObject Set FSO = New FileSystemObject Dim Reprtoire As String Repertoire = Dir1.Path ' Je ne suis pas certain que cette ligne de code fonctionne bien??? The FileSystemObject in Microsoft Access – Files Working with the File Object. This is the code listing and discussion companion for the video: The FileSystemObject in Microsoft Access Working with the Folder Object. The FileSystemObject is an excellent tool that can be used to manipulate files and your file system from Access VBA.

In our first form, pressing the Choose File button will display a file dialog picker so the user can choose a file. The FileSystemObject in Access – the Folder Object.

以下VB代码,产生编译错误:用户定义类型未定义 Dim fso As New FileSystemObject, fil As FileListBox Set fil = fso.createtextfile(c:/sam.txt, True) 产生原因:使用FileSystemObject但未引用Microsoft Scripting Runtime 解决办法:FileSystemOruntime
In this entry we will examine some of the properties and methods of the FileSystemObject for working with files. fso s'initialise comme ceci : Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") -2- Dans les chemins, il faut utiliser "" et non "/". Posted on October 13, 2015 October 13, 2015 by raylharvey. -4- "fso.GetFile(oldName).Delete" ne veut rien dire. Dim fso As New Scripting.FileSystemObject() Dim fld As Scripting.Folder

Private mobjFSO As New FileSystemObject The cmdTryIt_Click code, as well as a Sub called CopyOrMoveFiles (to facilitate the copying and moving of files) is shown below.

Je profite de ce message pour poser une question complémentaire sur le FileSystemObject: J'ai une page HTML avec du VBScript qui utilise le FileSystemObject pour aller lire la liste des fichiers contenu dans un dossier et les afficher sous forme de liens. Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") EXAMPLE PROGRAMS : The following example programs illustrate how to use the File System Object. This video follows on the FileSystemObject Drives video of several days ago.